World Cup Winners



The Women’s National Soccer team qualified for the 2015 Canada World Cup after winning the semi final game at the CONCACAF Women’s Championship 2014 on the 24th of october. The tournament started on June 6 2015. The US Team played their first match against Australia on June 8th 2015.

Here is a statement from Abby Wambach responding to USA’s defeat to Japan in the final of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany 2011.  She made a vow to herself and the world, “I’ll be back for more,” she said as she left that day in Germany. She was ready for this world cup. She was ready to end her career with a win. The USA won their first game 3-1 and continued on into the tournament. The next game they played was on June 22nd 2015 against Columbia. The US won that game  2-0. On June 26th 2015 the US won 1-0 against China and moved on to the semi-finals. Some people forebode for the women to make it all the way to the finals and win the whole thing. SOme thought they’d expunge and not finish the tournament. The US played Germany and won 2-0. The final game of the World Cup was played by the US and Japan. The US beat Japan 5-2. There were about 25.4 million fans watching the final game against Japan. This was the most watched soccer game broadcasted in the USA. It was also a higher number than the views from every game from the NBA finals.

I have been playing soccer since I was 5 years old. I have loved watching and playing soccer. My dad was the one that got me hooked on watching and also playing soccer. The first soccer game I watched on live television was a men’s chelsea game with my dad back in 2013. He has been recording soccer games ever since. We love to sit down and watch some of our favorite players play. I have always loved watching the women’s team play. My favorite player is either Alex morgan, Carli Loyd or hope solo. Alex Morgan is a forward, Carli Loyd is a midfielder and hope solo is a goalie. I play goalie. I used to play forward and defence as well but i didn’t like it as much as goalie. I’ve only switched teams a couple of times. i played in urbandale with a coed team and then when i came to dallas center grimes i played with an all girls team. In 6th grade we made one big team. I have played in a couple tournaments and won all except three. We got to be in a huge tournament in nebraska and we ended up getting second place. we played in 100 degree weather. I have also played in some tournaments close to home. My team has played in the tournament in adel 4 times. We lost the last game the first year we played but then we came back winning 3 years in a row.

I hope to play in college and maybe go on to be a professional. I have always dreamed of playing with the women’s national team.

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